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If there is one sector where pest control contracts are essential, it is in the restaurant or catering sector.

It goes without saying that food premises need to be kept as hygienic and sterile as possible in order to reduce the risks of contamination, and the potential for causing illness to their clientele. A secondary consideration is the loss of sales revenue and also the costs associated with any resulting law suit.

Restaurants and food outlets that have experienced pests infestations will find that the damage to their reputation will go on long after the problem has been solved and many may not survive.
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Anyone involved in the sale, preparation, handling, or storage of food must have a reliable, regular pest control contract in place. Our annual pest control contract significantly reduces the costs associated with “on-demand” pest control and provides the very highest level in pest protection.

We will set the time of our visits with you in advance but typically we would visit the premises every 4-6 weeks.

At each visit, we will review, renew, and monitor your pest control protocols, along with providing on-going feedback on any hygiene issues we encounter.
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Given the high density of students that attend schools and colleges here in the Philippines, effective pest control is essential in order to protect the health and well-being of your students.

Furthermore, as schools and colleges are often left vacant during the summer months and given their age and location (often rural), the war against termites is something that must be taken seriously, if the property itself is to be protected.

DBM will structure a pest control program that fits in with your timetable and delivers maximum protection with minimal, if any, disruption.
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We know how critical commercial office pest control is, particularly for high density businesses such as call centres. The close working environment allows pest infestations to spread quickly and can result in a significant drop in productivity.

DBM will respond quickly and will work with you to select a time that causes the least amount of disruption to your work force.'
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Termite treatment here in the Philippines is essential, and one of the most effective preventative measures that can be taken is applying termiticide during the construction of your new home. Not only does pre-construction treatment allow access to places that will be inaccessible after the structure has been built, but it will also serve as a foundation for all future treatments in the years to come.

Site Clearance

Clearing the work site prior to the main excavation is an important step in the process. Items such as logs, mulch, and wood that are left there provide termites with a good food source. Sometimes termites are found and eradicated during this step of the process.


During the application of termiticide to the soil, care must be exercised to ensure that no chemicals seep into any water sources.


The second phase consists of applying termiticide to all grade areas after landscaping is completed.

Post Construction

After construction, an annual termite contract with DBM will ensure that your home remains termite-free.