Pest control contracts are not just for commercial premises. Many of our clients prefer the peace of mind knowing that their pest control programme is being managed by a professional organisation, whether they are owner occupiers or professional investors, DBMPC have a range of programmes to choose from.




Ants and
Crawling Pests

  • Surface Spraying/Base Spraying of residual insecticide.
  • Gel Baiting - DBMPC uses a variety of gels and will select the one most appropriate to the species and level of infestation.
  • Granules - will be placed into the electrical points and switches, as crawling pests like to use electrical conduits as their own “super highways” in order to move unnoticed through the building.

Bi-monthly- Quarterly

DBMPC is a member of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA).
Given the life threatening nature of this pest, we do not simply rely on chemical applications ("spray and pray"). Research carried out by the AMCA shows that mosquito populations are significantly reduced when potential breeding areas are removed and as such, our technicians will look for potential breeding grounds and take the appropriate action to either remove or treat this area. This process is referred to as "Source Eradication".

& Flying Insects

  • Spraying and ULV Misting - A residual water-based chemical is regarded as perhaps themost effective way to deal with mosquitoes especially in gardens and enclosed spaces.
  • Fogging - Cold and Thermal fogging maybe employed in order to bring a large swarm under control.
  • Larvicides will be used where water sources cannot be removed in order to control mosquitoes in their larval stage.

Bi-monthly- Quarterly