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One of the less attractive parts of owning a cat or a dog are the seemingly inevitable flea infestations.

The pests attach to the animal when it’s outside, and then infest its fur and the places it sleeps indoors.

Flea prevention for both the home and yard can be difficult without a proactive approach, and all pet owners are vulnerable to an infestation.

Fleas depend on a blood meal from a host to survive. On some occasions, fleas may become an inside problem when the host they previously fed on is no longer around. Then fleas focus their feeding activity on other hosts that reside inside the home.

Flea bites may leave the host with numerous swollen, itchy marks. They may cause allergic reactions in some people and can transmit several diseases.
The most serious aspect of a flea infestation is often the time and effort it takes to remove. Dealing with the problem requires treating infected animals, cleaning flea-infested areas, and taking preventative measures to keep the fleas from returning.

DBM will quickly handle the remaining flea infestation and locate the areas where the immature fleas are residing.