A Mother's Story
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Gay Maroket - Founder

When her daughter contracted Dengue Fever from a mosquito bite in 2011, Gay realised just how important pest control was. After her daughter recovered, Gay started to look at the measures that could be taken in order to effectively prevent the spread of this virus. During her research, she discovered that the area of pest control in the Philippines was something that interested her. And this, in turn, led to her founding DBMPC Pest Control Services (DBMPC).

Today, she is actively involved in the company’s day-to-day operation and is constantly looking at how science, techniques, and methods employed internationally could be adapted to meet our needs here in the Philippines.

DBMPC Pest Control Services is committed to providing effective, eco-friendly solutions to both our individual and corporate clients.
  • Bachelor of Science - BS
  • Member of the Royal Entomological Society
  • Member of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA)
  • Member of the National Pest Management Association - USA (NPMA)
  • Member of the Urban Pest Control Association Philippines (FUPCAP)
  • Integrated Mosquito Management
  • Integrated Vector Management - Dengue
  • Integrated Vector Management - Zika
  • Pest Management in Health Care Facilities
  • Pest Control in Food Processing and Handling Facilities
  • Integrated Pest Management in Schools
  • Biology, Behaviour and Control of Ants
  • Biology, Behaviour and Control of Termites
  • Biology, Behaviour and Control of Cockroaches
  • Biology, Behaviour and Control of Filth Breeding Flies
  • Biology, Behaviour and Control of Biting Flies
  • Pest Classification and Groups
  • Biology, Behaviour and Control of Bed Bugs
  • Rodenticide Stewardship
  • Biology, Behaviour and Control of Rodents
  • Social and Solitary Hymenoptera - Biology, Behaviour and Control
  • Better Pest Management - Responsible use of Pyrethroids